Correcting with Love


September 7th, 2020

18 mins 7 secs

Season 2

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If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone Matthew 18:15

“Reckon him no more amongst the number of thy brethren. But yet neither is his salvation on that account to be neglected. For the very heathen, that is, the Gentiles and Pagans, we do not reckon among the number of brethren; but yet are we ever seeking their salvation” – St. Augustine

Questions for us to ponder:

  1. Have I given into the relativism of our cultural situation?
  2. When it is necessary to correct another how well does my approach align with Jesus’s call to charitable fraternal correction?
  3. Do I shy away too much from conflict when I should speak to a brother or sister? Or do I, on the other hand, concern myself with things that are not my business to correct? What am I doing to work to foster charity?
  4. Do I engage in gossip, either in person or online? If so what am I doing to overcome this sin in my life?

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(23th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Mass in the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite)