Share Jesus - Fourth Sunday of Advent 2022 (Fr. Will Rooney)


December 18th, 2022

17 mins 27 secs

Season 3

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Through the entirety of history since his coming, people have shared this message of Good News. In every generation, in every age, this message has been proclaimed. In castles to Kings, and in the simplest of dwellings, in Churches and hospital rooms, among families and friends. In ease and in difficulty. In every age this good News has been repeated. In dramatic and non-dramatic circumstances. To rich and poor. To men and women, and to young and old this message has been proclaimed. And at some point, at some moment like Paul, you encountered this Good News. Whether you can remember the moment or not, someone shared this Good News with you. If this is your first time hearing it, I’m telling you this good news – Jesus, Emmanuel is come, he has conquered death. He is with us. My life is different – better – because I know Jesus. And if you know him, yours is also. But that only happened because someone shared Jesus with me, because someone, indeed many people, told me about Jesus and how much he loves me. The question is for us – will we do the same for others? Will we share Jesus with others?