Non-Anxious Rendering


October 19th, 2020

16 mins

Season 2

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Repay to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God (Mt 22:21)

We Christians are not indifferent to the political realm – far from it we care deeply about working to protect human life, promote peace, and provide for the general welfare. We cannot accept Christ’s love while despising or being indifferent to our fellow human beings. Because of this, we also like many people of good will may have experienced a sense of anxiety or a lack of peace. Our Christianity informs our actions in everything we do and that includes our choices in the voting booth. In all of this, nevertheless, there is a danger of becoming too consumed with the things of the world. The Bible is replete with stories of God intervening in love for his people. Despite this evidence, we often we let ourselves become so afraid and anxious, and this leads to a whole host of personal sins which impact our salvation much more directly than the outcome of a political race. No matter who wins the election, we can be sure that God will provide everything we need to be with him forever.

Questions for us to ponder:

  1. Have I let politics become a God for me? How has this anxiety contributed to sins in my personal life? Do I trust that God is sovereign?
  2. How can I inform myself politically? What are resources which can help me to form a Catholic conscience with regard to the important issues?
  3. How do I react when people disagree with me politically? How can I reflect the love of God to them?

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(29th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Mass in the Ordinary Form of the Latin Rite)